7 Ways EMDR Can Improve Your Life, Now!

Everyone has had a negative self belief or a nagging voice haunt them at least once in their life. Negative thoughts about one’s appearance, competence, or their value can interfere with a persons confidence and keep them from becoming the most self actualized, creative, and happy person they can be. […]

What is EMDR??

The Genius and Applications of EMDR Since starting to use EMDR therapy, I have seen clients make more progress in one session than they might typically make in months. Memories and beliefs that have haunted them for years are positively resolved in days. If I were you reading this article, […]

Rapid Changes with EMDR Therapy

Hi Everybody! Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday, and wishing a happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and mothers-to-be out there! In these last few weeks, I have been using EMDR therapy more and more with several clients. In many cases, I have been shocked at just how […]