Pumpkin Page!!

Hey Everyone!

I rock at therapy, but did you know I rock pumpkins too? (Click on the pictures for a crisper image).


– Jake Voelker MA, LMFT


2008: Palin Pumpkin


69377_447666066805_5349394_n   1930732_35472636805_3022_n


2009: Brett Favre


Brett Favre!!   1914258_163385501805_3157627_n


2010: Buddy Christ (From the movie Dogma)


O2 043   73716_447660046805_7764794_n


2011: Engagement of my friends Paul and Leah


270398_10151106168611806_951616339_n   295720_10150362734761806_374225582_n 325345_10150362735106806_1236469720_o


2012: Batman for President!




2013: Papal Pumpkin: Pope Francis


964951_10151706130881806_55321772_o   Papal Pumpkin

1008817_10151706130861806_979209470_o   919389_10151706118481806_1072407380_o  1410916_10151706200026806_410180387_o



2014:   Preggo Pumpkin!!


IMG_6414   IMG_6413

IMG_6455   preggo pumpkin

These pictures are actually how we announced it to everyone on our Facebook pages!



2015:   Parental Pumpkin





2016: The Dark Knight!!







2017: Cake BOSS!!



showposter  3

1   2

Carving Cake Boss Pumpkins     CakeBoss Pumpkins

Cake Boss Pumpkins at MOA Cake Boss Pumpkins at MOA 2


Also 2017: Willem Dafoe & a Panda with a gun! …just because. AND BATMAN! …because I just cant stay away!!



Willem Dafoe   Batman pumpkin

panda pumpkin





2018: “Trick or Treat?” with Fr. Mike Schmitz!




Also 2018: My wife Shannon also carved this year! Check out her Sacred Heart Pumpkin!





I hope you enjoyed! As always, if you are looking for a therapist to work on depression, anxiety, big or small trauma, self-esteem, relationship issues, etc, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  More at www.parkdaletherapy.org.


– Jake Voelker MA, LMFT




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