Public Service Announcement!

Even I still get this one wrong sometimes. But guys,.. trust me, its worth learning. It doesn’t have to make sense to us. Its just safer for everyone if we follow this guys lead ; )     Call me with any questions ; ) Take care! – Jake


  Hey Everyone! I rock at therapy, but did you know I rock pumpkins too? (Click on the pictures for a crisper image). Enjoy!! – Jake Voelker MA, LMFT   2008: Palin Pumpkin     2009: Brett Favre     2010: Buddy Christ (From the movie Dogma)     2011: […]

Excited about EMDR!!

Well, I am back from Texas and am PUMPED to start utilizing EMDR!! It is truly AMAZING that this technique has done for thousands of clients, starting in the 1980s! It is empirically validated and even endorsed by the VA as a technique that is proven to resolve PTSD in […]