Freedom That Doesn’t Cost $29.95+ Shipping

  There are plenty of resources out there for recovering from addictions to pornography and masturbation. I get the feeling that these sites are built either to promote religious beliefs, or a particular therapists book store. There is one site that I’ve found however to be written out of a […]

Why all the put-downs guys?

Men are idiots, what else can I say? We do not fully appreciate the total gift that women are to us and to the world. See the link: Powerful Ads Use Real Google Searches to Show the Scope of Sexism Worldwide | Adweek. Reading this ad, I’m tempted to generalize […]

Why I Get Excited About Porn

When I think about pornography, I get excited!  My heart starts racing, I breathe faster, my pulse pounds, and I get angry. I’m angry because it seems I’m just waking up to the reality of how rampant pornography is in our culture, and how sneaky it is at slowly chipping […]

Do You Prefer to Aim Big or Aim Small?

“Go big or go home” used to be the motto of many of my college buddies back in the day. Its an exciting motto. A tough challenge to live up to the aspirations inside of you in a big way, or forget them all together. Of course if you had […]