“When Jake first introduced EMDR I thought -“yeah whatever Jake” I was very skeptical thinking “how can this work? ” After overcoming my mistrust I tried EMDR. What a terrific tool this is! In my mind I was able to separate my unsubstantiated thoughts with what I wanted my thoughts to look like. I feel so much more emotionally free after using EMDR.  Thank you Jake!”


“It’s amazing to think that a tool as simple as EMDR could be so effective. I am so, so, so very thankful that psychologists researched this and made it available to people like me. I had basically accepted the fact that my pain from trauma would remain for the rest of my life after having been through a year and a half of talk-therapy. While talk-therapy was very helpful, it couldn’t seem to rid me of the cement-block of pain that I carried around. That’s when I heard about Jake and EMDR. I knew it was for me and immediately called and began counseling again. Though the process was painful, I was winning my battles. My intense anxiety, shame and feelings of isolation subsided dramatically to the point that I haven’t felt significant shame or anxiety for months, and I feel more connected to my friends and family than I ever have. I began feeling tremendous freedom, peace, and joy—all feelings that I thought would be impossible for me to feel again in an authentic way. I truly cannot recommend Jake’s services enough to anyone thinking about it. He was always in my corner and made me feel comfortable talking about absolutely anything, and moreover, he constantly believed that I would succeed”


“I had the privilege of attending therapy sessions with Jake over the course of roughly three months, dealing with some struggles with anxiety, identity, and my family of origin. I was very hesitant to begin going to a counselor out of fear that I would be considered “crazy”, “too broken”, or “too unstable”. First of all, Jake put all these fears to bed by showing me that like literally everyone else in the world I am not perfect-welcome to the human condition! His personable, human, compassionate, non-judgmental, and refreshingly humorous outlook on my life and life in general helped me to begin to be radically open, allowing healing and the undoing of my destructive ways of thinking and unfair perspective of myself and my struggles. I came to a deeper ability to respect myself, to begin forgiving those who harmed me, and to move forward in peace armed with the skills to live in reality and greater happiness. I would happily and enthusiastically recommend anyone go to him for assistance in their psychological and emotional struggles. They should expect to meet a great man who will make them feel comfortable, understood, and genuinely able to empathize with their situation in respect and integrity.”


“Through the guidance and expertise of Mr. Jake Voelker, many previous experiences that were holding me back were freed. He did not solve my problems for me, rather he assisted and guided me down a path of dealing with these problems myself. This is exactly what a counselor should do, in my opinion. Mr. Voelker is well versed in the issues he can expertly deal with. The sense of trust, that was present from the very first encounter, was due to Mr. Voelker’s professionalism, his great personality, and sheer fact that he wants his clients to succeed. He is not in it for the money, and that is very apparent by his willingness to work with his clients and his ability to be as productive as possible with the time that is being paid for. Mr. Voelker was a great counselor for me and truly has impacted some of the deepest wounds that I faced.


“Jake is one of the best therapists I have ever had. His strength qualities include being kindhearted, compassionate, a good listener with giving good feed back, patient and understanding. He is always up for the challenge of wanting to help you with your problems no matter how challenging they may seem and never gives up on someone. I have been seeing Jake for more than two years now and he has never gotten frustrated with me but has always been very honest with his feedback. I would recommend Jake Voelker as a therapist as I have had a great experience with him and also good results.”


“Jake has been an exceptional counselor. I attended weekly sessions with him beginning in February and lasting through May. He really helped me with my issues involving self-confidence and other traumatic experiences. One great quality of Jake’s is that he keeps things simple, and this increased my confidence on my part. He is always mindful of your original goal, and helps you to see how you are making progress and ultimately resolving issues. Lastly, I must also note his strong sense of faith, which I see as an integral part of his life. Overall, I highly recommend Jake as a counselor. He has been helpful in many areas of life for me.”


“He is a wonderful gentleman and has helped me tremendously overcome addictions to pornography and masturbation. He treats me like his own son and he is like a father to me. I would go to nobody else because he treats you like part of his family.”






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