Pumpkin Page!!

Hey Everyone!

I rock at therapy, but did you know I rock pumpkins too? 


– Jake Voelker MA, LMFT

The Early Years…

2008: Palin Pumpkin

2009: Brett Favre

2010: Buddy Christ (From the movie Dogma)

2011: Engagement of my friends Paul and Leah

2012: Batman for President!

2013: Papal Pumpkin: Pope Francis

2014:   Preggo Pumpkin!!

2015:   Parental Pumpkin

2016: The Dark Knight!!

2017: Cake BOSS!!

Also 2017: Willem Dafoe / Banksy / Batman

2018: “Trick or Treat?” with Fr. Mike Schmitz!


Also 2018: My wife carved this year! Check out her Sacred Heart Pumpkin!



2019: The Joker!!


Click here to see the making of the Joker pumpkin


2020: Our Lady of Guadalupe!!

 Also 2020: Some requests from the kids, and others

2021: Tom Brady & The Big Lebowski

2022: Jesus from The Chosen, and Morning View Album art

2023: Crazy Cat

I hope you enjoyed!

As always, if you are looking for a therapist to work on depression, anxiety, big or small trauma, self-esteem, relationship issues, etc, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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– Jake Voelker MA, LMFT




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