Plan Ahead On Loving Your Wife

Plan Ahead On Loving Your Wife


“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ~ Albert Einstein


I often find myself thinking about all the sweet things I could have don’t for my wife on the day of special events like anniversaries, birthdays, ect. Why is it that only on the day of these things do I think about all the cool things I could have done? One reason is probably circumstance; it’s easy to think about the greatest thing that you could have done when you’re already in a specific situation, but much harder (and rewarding) to plan for that specific situation and execute your charms flawlessly.

The real reason is that I did not take time to plan ahead. My calendar could have told me the logistics of events on our anniversary day, giving me ideas as to where and when I could add a little surprise and personal creativity! In hindsight, I could have had an extra little card waiting ahead of time, or a surprise CD waiting in the car, or a little gift that the hostess could have placed on the table before we arrived. Little surprises take small efforts on our part, but the payoffs can be huge!

Our wife’s love to know that they are on our minds, even when they are not right in front of us. They love to know that we take joy in making them happy. They feel appreciated when we show them that they are worth the extra effort. Many feel loved by the little special gifts we give them; others will joy just in the fact that you took the time to create an extra special experience for her. Even if you don’t get the perfect necklace or her absolute favorite flower, chances are, you’ll still make some huge positive deposits in her emotional bank account (but extra points to you my friend if you do!).

We as men who love our wives and girlfriends should try to find little extra ways to surprise them and show them they’re loved, not only during this Christmas season, but all throughout the year, especially on birthdays, anniversaries, ect. So plan ahead, and show them that you are thinking about them, even when they’re not around. Remember, we only get what we give!

Now, please pardon me as I take the next 5 minutes to hand write a little love note to my wife and mail it to her office. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to give me a call, and find a time for us to get together to discover new ways for you to communicate your love for your spouse or significant other. Not feeling the love,.. That’s another good reason to call too!

So tell me; What creative ways do you show love to your significant other?


Merry Christmas, & Happy Holidays Everybody!


Jake Voelker MA., LAMFT


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